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EN24014 (DIN931) Hexagon bolts with shank – free 3D CAD files, info & dimensions

What are EN 24014 (or DIN 931/ ISO 4014) bolts?

EN 24014 bolts, also known as ISO 4014 bolts or DIN 931, are a type of bolt used for fastening two or more objects. These bolts have a hexagonal head and are designed to work with hexagonal nuts. They are made of steel or stainless steel and have high strength and resistance to corrosion.

Partly threaded

DIN 931 bolts are partially threaded and have a smooth shank under the head, while DIN 933 bolts are fully threaded along the entire length of the bolt. Here are some advantages of the partial thread and plain shank of DIN 931 bolts over DIN 933 bolts:

  • Better alignment: The smooth shank of the DIN 931 (ISO4014-EN24014) bolt provides better alignment and positioning of the fasteners. This is especially useful when attaching parts that require very precise alignment, like flange connections. The shaft also prevents dirt deposits on the bolts.Reduced risk of breakage:
  • The partial thread design of the DIN 931 bolt provides better load distribution between the bolt and the adjacent material. This reduces the risk of bolt breakage, especially in applications with high loads or vibrations.Less chance of corrosion:
  • The smooth shaft of the DIN 931 bolt reduces the chance of corrosion compared to the full thread of the DIN 933 bolt. This is because the thread is often a breeding ground for corrosion and the smooth shaft is less exposed to corrosive environments
  • .Easier installation: The smooth shank of the DIN 931 bolt requires less force to turn, simplifying installation. This is especially useful when mounting in tight spaces where it is difficult to turn the bolt.


The material used for DIN 931 bolts depends on the specific application and required properties. Carbon steel is the most commonly used material due to its high strength and affordability. Stainless steel 304 and 316 are often used for applications where corrosion resistance is important. Copper and brass are sometimes used for aesthetic applications or for electrical conductivity. Titanium and aluminum are typically used for applications where a high strength-to-weight ratio is required, such as in the aerospace industry.

Carbon Steel (e.g. grade 4.6, 8.8, 10.9)Affordable, high strength, readily available, susceptible to corrosion
Stainless Steel 304Corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, easily machinable, lower strength than carbon steel
Stainless Steel 316Higher corrosion resistance than 304 stainless steel, resistant to acids and salt solutions, lower strength than carbon steel
CopperGood conductivity, corrosion resistant, relatively soft, easily deformable
BrassCorrosion resistant, easily machinable, aesthetically appealing, relatively soft, low strength
TitaniumHigh strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistant, resistant to high temperatures, more expensive than other materials
AluminumLightweight, corrosion resistant, good conductivity, low strength, easily machinable

Strength classes

The bolts come in different strength grades including 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9. The strength class is indicated by a number stamped on the head of the bolt. For example, a bolt with strength class 8.8 has a minimum tensile strength of 800 N/mm² and a minimum yield strength of 640 N/mm².

Strength ClassField of Use
4.6General purpose, low to moderate strength applications, non-critical structures, such as furniture and machine casings
5.6General purpose, low to moderate strength applications, non-critical structures, such as furniture and machine casings
8.8High strength applications, such as automotive, construction, and machinery
9.8High strength applications requiring increased durability, such as heavy machinery and equipment
10.9High strength applications requiring even greater durability and reliability, such as structural steelwork and heavy engineering
12.9Highest strength applications requiring extreme durability and reliability, such as aerospace and military equipment

Ideal for use in the process industry

EN 24014, DIN 931 bolts are designed to provide high strength and are commonly used in the process industry due to their reliability and durability. Here are a few reasons why DIN 931 bolts are widely used in the process industry:

High strength: DIN 931 bolts are made of high strength steel and can withstand great loads and stresses without breaking or deforming. This is crucial in the process industry, where machines and equipment are often exposed to heavy loads and vibrations.

  • Reliability: DIN 931 bolts are designed to be tight and non-loosening under normal operating conditions. This reduces the risk of malfunctions and accidents that can lead to loss of production and personal injury.
  • Suitability for corrosive environments: The process industry often includes environments where corrosion can be a problem. DIN 931 bolts are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel and alloy steel, which are resistant to corrosion and oxidation.
  • Easy replacement: If a DIN 931 bolt needs to be replaced, these bolts are relatively easy to replace. This makes maintenance and repair of equipment in the process industry much more efficient and reduces machine downtime.

Other Applications

  • construction
  • mechanical equipment
  • ship building
  • oil and gas extraction
  • vehicles
  • food industry.

Tightening torques

When installing EN 24014 bolts it is important to use the correct tightening torques. This is the amount of force required to tighten the bolts to the correct tension. The tightening torque depends on the size and strength class of the bolts and must be calculated according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

An example table of torques for a flange connection

Flange Size (DN)Bolt Size (mm)Torque (Nm)

 Dimensions & free CAD files

  • Bolts: EN 24014 – DIN 931 – ISO 4014
  • Nuts: EN 24032 – DIN 934 – ISO 4032
  • Washers: EN 7089 – DIN 125A – ISO 7089
M x LDownload CAD fileL1ksehd1d2t
M5 x 25,3588,79 

M5 x 28,3588,79 

M5 x 30,3588,79 

M5 x 35,3588,79 

M5 x 40,3588,79 

M5 x 45,3588,79 

M5 x 50,3588,79 

Nut M5


Washer M5

M6 x 30,851011,05 

M6 x 35,851011,05 

M6 x 40,851011,05 

M6 x 45,851011,05 

M6 x 50,851011,05 

M6 x 55,851011,05 

M6 x 60,851011,05 

Nut M6


Washer M6

M7 x 30,651112,12 

M7 x 35,651112,12 

M7 x 40,651112,12 

M7 x 45,651112,12 

M7 x 50,651112,12 

M7 x 55,651112,12 

M7 x 60,651112,12 

M7 x 65,651112,12 

M7 x 70,651112,12 

Nut M7


Washer M7

M8 x 35,151314,38 

M8 x 40,151314,38 

M8 x 45,151314,38 

M8 x 50,151314,38 

M8 x 55,151314,38 

M8 x 60,151314,38 

M8 x 65,151314,38 

M8 x 70,151314,38 

M8 x 75,151314,38 

M8 x 80,151314,38 

Nut M8


Washer M8

M10 x 40,21718,9 

M10 x 45,21718,9 

M10 x 50,21718,9 

M10 x 55,21718,9 

M10 x 60,21718,9 

M10 x 65,21718,9 

M10 x 70,21718,9 

M10 x 75,21718,9 

M10 x 80,21718,9 

M10 x 85,21718,9 

M10 x 90,21718,9 

M10 x 95,21718,9 

M10 x 100,21718,9 

Nut M10


Washer M10

M12 x 45,31921,1 

M12 x 50,31921,1 

M12 x 55,31921,1 

M12 x 60,31921,1 

M12 x 65,31921,1 

M12 x 70,31921,1 

M12 x 75,31921,1 

M12 x 80,31921,1 

M12 x 85,31921,1 

M12 x 90,31921,1 

M12 x 95,31921,1 

M12 x 100,31921,1  

M12 x 110,31921,1 

M12 x 120,31921,1 

Nut M12


Washer M12

M14 x 50,62224,5 

M14 x 55,62224,5 

M14 x 60,62224,5 

M14 x 65,62224,5 

M14 x 70,62224,5  

M14 x 75,62224,5 

M14 x 80,62224,5 

M14 x 85,62224,5 

M14 x 90,62224,5 

M14 x 95,62224,5 

M14 x 100,62224,5 

M14 x 110,62224,5 

M14 x 120,62224,5 

M14 x 130,62224,5 

M14 x 140,62224,5 

Nut M14


Washer M14

M16 x 55,82426,75 

M16 x 60,82426,75 

M16 x 65,82426,75 

M16 x 70,82426,75 

M16 x 75,82426,75 

M16 x 80,82426,75 

M16 x 85,82426,75 

M16 x 90,82426,75 

M16 x 95,82426,75 

M16 x 100,82426,75 

M16 x 110,82426,75 

M16 x 120,82426,75 

M16 x 130,82426,75 

M16 x 140,82426,75 

M16 x 150,82426,75 

M16 x 160,82426,75 

Nut M16


Washer M16

M18 x 60,22730,14 

M18 x 65,22730,14 

M18 x 70,22730,14 

M18 x 75,22730,14 

M18 x 80,22730,14 

M18 x 85,22730,14 

M18 x 90,22730,14 

M18 x 95,22730,14 

M18 x 100,22730,14 

M18 x 110,22730,14 

M18 x 120,22730,14 

M18 x 130,22730,14 

M18 x 140,22730,14 

M18 x 150,22730,14 

M18 x 160,22730,14 

M18 x 170,22730,14 

M18 x 180,22730,14 

Nut M18


Washer M18

M20 x 60,23033,5 

M20 x 65,23033,5 

M20 x 70,23033,5 

M20 x 75,23033,5 

M20 x 80,23033,5 

M20 x 85,23033,5 

M20 x 90,23033,5 

M20 x 95,23033,5 

M20 x 100,23033,5 

M20 x 110,23033,5 

M20 x 120,23033,5 

M20 x 130,23033,5 

M20 x 140,23033,5 

M20 x 150,23033,5 

M20 x 160,23033,5 

M20 x 170,23033,5 

M20 x 180,23033,5 

M20 x 190,23033,5 

M20 x 200,23033,5 

Nut M20


Washer M20

M22 x 70,83235,7 

M22 x 75,83235,7 

M22 x 80,83235,7 

M22 x 85,83235,7 

M22 x 90,83235,7 

M22 x 95,83235,7 

M22 x 100,83235,7 

M22 x 110,83235,7 

M22 x 120,83235,7 

M22 x 130,83235,7 

M22 x 140,83235,7 

M22 x 150,83235,7 

M22 x 160,83235,7 

M22 x 170,83235,7 

M22.x 180,83235,7 

M22 x 190,83235,7 

M22 x 200,83235,7 

M22 x 220,83235,7 

Nut M22


Washer M22

M24 x 80,83640 

M24 x 85,83640 

M24 x 90,83640 

M24 x 95,83640 

M24 x 100,83640 

M24 x 110,83640 

M24 x 120,83640 

M24 x 130,83640 

M24 x 140,83640 

M24 x 150,83640 

M24 x 160,83640 

M24 x 170,83640 

M24 x 180,83640 

M24 x 190,83640 

M24 x 200,83640 

M24 x 220,83640 

M24 x 240,83640 

Nut M24


Washer M24

M27 x 90,654145,2 

M27 x 95,654145,2 

M27 x 100,654145,2 

M27 x 110,654145,2 

M27 x 120,654145,2 

M27 x 130,654145,2 

M27 x 140,654145,2 

M27 x 150,654145,2 

M27 x 160,654145,2 

M27 x 170,654145,2 

M27 x 180,654145,2 

M27 x 190,654145,2 

M27 x 200,654145,2 

M27 x 220,654145,2 

M27 x 240,654145,2 

M27 x 260,654145,2 

Nut M27


Washer M27

M30 x 90,34650,85 

M30 x 95,34650,85 

M30 x 100,34650,85 

M30 x 110,34650,85 

M30 x 120,34650,85 

M30 x 130,34650,85 

M30 x 140,34650,85 

M30 x 150,34650,85 

M30 x 160,34650,85 

M30 x 170,34650,85 

M30 x 180,34650,85 

M30 x 190,34650,85 

M30 x 200,34650,85 

M30 x 220,34650,85 

M30 x 240,34650,85 

M30 x 260,34650,85 

M30 x 280,34650,85 

M30 x 300,34650,85 

Nut M30


Washer M30

M33 x 100,65055,37 

M33 x 110,65055,37 

M33 x 120,65055,37 

M33 x 130,65055,37  

M33 x 140,65055,37 

M33 x 150,65055,37 

M33 x 160,65055,37 

M33 x 170,65055,37 

M33 x 180,65055,37 

M33 x 190,65055,37 

M33 x 200,65055,37 

M33 x 220,65055,37 

M33 x 240,65055,37 

M33 x 260,65055,37 

M33 x 280,65055,37 

M33 x 300,65055,37 

Nut M33


Washer M33

M36 x 110,15560,79 

M36 x 120,15560,79 

M36 x 130,15560,79 

M36 x 140,15560,79 

M36 x 150,15560,79 

M36 x 160,15560,79 

M36 x 170,15560,79 

M36 x 180,15560,79 

M36 x 190,15560,79 

M36 x 200,15560,79 

M36 x 220,15560,79 

M36 x 240,15560,79 

M36 x 260,15560,79 

M36 x 280,15560,79 

M36 x 300,15560,79 

Nut M36


Washer M36

M39 x 120,66066,44 

M39 x 130,66066,44 

M39 x 140,66066,44 

M39 x 150,66066,44 

M39 x 160,66066,44 

M39 x 170,66066,44 

M39 x 180,66066,44 

M39 x 190,66066,44 

M39 x 200,66066,44 

M39 x 220,66066,44 

M39 x 240,66066,44 

M39 x 260,66066,44 

M39 x 280,66066,44 

M39 x 300,66066,44 

Nut M39


Washer M39