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3D Virtual Reality

In addition to 3D design and engineering assignments, I’ve recently dedicated a significant portion of my time to perfecting the art of presenting 3D files.

No matter how well-conceived your design may be, if a client receives a cluttered and hard-to-understand drawing, their satisfaction is compromised.

The solution lies right below: 3D interactive models that can be controlled directly through your web browser!

Storage, cooling and dosing system for chemicals

Press the play button

Hygienic dosing system for food production

Press the play button

Process system in a 20Ft. shipping container

Mobile water treatment system 1

7-Pump dosing system for chemicals

13-Pump dosing system for chemicals

Mixer tank for food production

Belt driven roller conveyor

Chemicals storage- & dosing skid

Pump system for water treatment

3-Skid chemicals dosing system

Mixer tank for food production 3

Gear pump with piping systems

Mobile mixer tank for food production 1

Three phase electric motor with forced air cooling

Fuel conditioning skid, fits in a 40Ft. shipping container

Centrifugal pump – Section Cut

PP Water treatment system

Raw manure pump system

Fuel forwarding and conditioning skid

I can also make your CAD designs 3D interactive(!)

Above, you’ve had a glimpse of some of my designs that I’ve crafted over the years. I’ve long harbored a desire to showcase the designs I’ve created using CAD software, in 3D online. I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve finally found the perfect solution! I can offer my clients not only the CAD designs but also highly valuable promotional material, including stunningly realistic images and interactive 3D models that seamlessly integrate with their websites.

And that makes clients very happy!

Would you like to present your designs in this impressive manner as well? I can assist you with that!

Do you have a 3D STEP file? I can transform it into a beautifully rendered 3D presentation at an incredibly reasonable price.

How it works

Feel free to get in touch with me at and remember to attach your sample STEP file and your wishes in terms of colors and materials.

I will give you a price quote as soon as possible.

If you decide to order the interactive 3D model, I will help you set up your own (free) account with a Virtual Reality Cloud Service.
Finally, I explain how to create the link between your website and your interactive model with the VR cloud service.

Together, we can elevate your designs to new heights and present them in an unparalleled way!

Advantages of 3D interactive models

  • Much clearer for customers than a CAD drawing
  • Visitors to the website interact and stay longer
  • You do not need a 3D CAD program to view the 3D models
  • Older projects can be made visible to all employees of your company (an interactive archive)
  • Products can be shown in multiple colors or designs
  • It is easy to create images of the models and therefore additional content for your online articles
  • The interactive 3D models are placed on your own cloud server
  • The models can easily be viewed via an online link. This can also be placed in an email, for example